About me (Dave)

Rural. Down-to-Earth. Animal enthusiast. Aussie.

I have a fierce preference for country life and a need to have animals around me.
The quirkiness of country folk can often present intriguing subject matter and I enjoy capturing those often unnoticed gems dotted around our great continent.

While thinking of words for this page I cast my memory back to where photography began for me. And it took me a little by surprise.

Kodak Handle
Kodak Brownie Model F

I recalled taking photos of an early primary school friend staging footy (Aussie Rules Football) poses, on a Kodak Brownie Model F (“Brownie Box”) camera.
And then I remembered taking two separate exposures of Ned Kelly statues on a single frame because I forgot to wind the ‘Brownie Box’s film on.

My final two years of primary school were at Don Valley (Vic.) where the principal (one of two teachers in total) was a photography enthusiast and had constructed a darkroom at the school. We made our own cameras, exposed directly onto light sensitive paper and developed the pictures.


Yashica TL-Electro

Then came several instamatic cameras, a Kodak Handle that wound a developed photo from the camera, my first (second hand) SLR – a Yashica TL-Electro – and a FujiFilm FinePix s4400 was my first digital camera.

Along with my Canon EOS, the Kodak Brownie, Yashica TL-Electro and FujiFilm cameras I all still own today.

There was I thinking photography was a fairly newish interest; turns out it has been with me most of my life – PaddockPix is how am I taking my photography passion to the next level.


noun: paddock; a small field or enclosure where horses and other livestock are kept or exercised.
plural noun (informal): pix; pictures, especially photographs.

Paddock Pix is about capturing those special images of loved farm animals – horses, cows, farm dogs, et al – and the farmyard curios that are often unseen – antique implements, old cars, rustic gates and fences.

Growing up with horses, cows, goats and working dogs, and still finding enjoyment in their company in my daily life, my gallery of favourite pictures took a natural tend towards these subjects – and so it is, that Paddock Pix has evolved.


I hope you enjoy some of my featured pictures. You can view and comment on any of my social pages, the links of which are on the web site header.


If you are interested in some Pharmyard Fotography of your own treasured farm pets or have some photogenic scenery you would like captured forever, please email me to arrange an initial chat.


Warm Wishes,

Dave Wain